Bluebells and milestones

On Thursday, I put the last edits in on my thesis, pushed the submit button, and finished my Exec MBA.  (Hooray!)  I called Doug and said “I’m finished!”  After the appropriate cheering and such, Doug said “OK.  What do you want to do now?”  I thought for a minute and said “Go see the bluebells!”


Bluebells are beautiful wildflowers that carpet parts of England for a few precious weeks each spring.  If you blink, you may miss them.  That would be a shame.  The best part of living in this corner of the world is going for a walk through the bluebell woods in the spring.  Below you can see a patch of bluebells in the distance; see the hints of purple?


And here they are up close.  I love this photo, which shows that in every crowd there is a non-conformist:


We went to see them at Grey’s Court, a National Trust property near our home, that has the most spectacular gardens.  I love this little peak of the flowering trees on the other side of the wall.


It’s been a very busy 30 months, full of hard work and total craziness, not to mention a career change mid-way through, but I must say I loved (nearly) every minute of it!


Whatever will I do now with all of my spare time?



23 thoughts on “Bluebells and milestones

  1. Congratulations – it’s an amazing achievement and I’m sure all the hard work was worth it. Take some well earned time out to sit and knit. Those bluebells are gorgeous!

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