Today, I bring you a little experiment in colour juxtaposition.  Here is my Soumak Shawl Wrap, worn with two sweaters, which are identical except for the colour.


The above photos were taken with me standing in the shade.  Here they are again with me standing in the bright sunshine:



Please note two things:  First, there IS bright sunshine today, on a Bank Holiday weekend, in England!  Never fear, dear readers, tomorrow we are expecting blustery winds, thunder, and hail!  We can rest easy that life goes on as expected.  Second, note that I am squinting. I am, after all, standing in the bright sunshine.

I had expected that the shawl would look warm against the orange sweater, and cool against the beige sweater.  Instead, I think that it looks warm in the sunshine and cool in the shade, regardless of the sweater colour.  See how the blues stand out in the shade, while the yellows stand out in the sun?

Why am I publishing this not very enlightening post?  Well, obviously, I have something important I should be doing today. Something other than knitting, or blogging about knitting, or driving my husband crazy asking him to take multiple photos of me, while I change sweaters back and forth and try not to squint in the sun.  (Like, perhaps, finishing a very important paper that I need to write…)  But you see, I am a master of procrastination.  Thus, this post.

Speaking of which, this is me, without a doubt:


Here’s hoping your procrastination techniques get some practice today!

11 thoughts on “Juxtaposition/Procrastination

  1. Love this post! You, your sweaters and your gorgeous shawl look lovely in the photos, squint or no squint. The effect of the sun and shade on the colours is indeed interesting, so your husband can feel that his time was well used 🙂 and as for that YouTube clip – fabulous!!

  2. I hope you are writing your paper but I do enjoy following you:) I agree with your assessment of the colors,,,blue in shade and yellow in sun. I really like the white sweater in the shade…its a lovely shawl that goes with most any solid color and great with jeans…

  3. Interesting how color changes depending on the light. Soumak remains close up on my radar! Can I get some details on the white and orange tops?

  4. Not procrastination at all. It deals with light a its wavelengths. Let’s just make it simple and say that shadows, when painting, tend to get painted in blues because it is the light of shadows. Sunshine has a full spectrum and the warmer tones tend to bounce up. It would have been strange had it turned out any other way.

  5. Very interesting how the colours change with the shade and sunlight. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with finishing your paper. I am so familiar wth procrastination; gotta love retirement as now this is, generally, not an issue!

  6. Very interesting- the combination of shade, no shade, 2 different color shirts. I found that with the red vest I knit for work. I was expecting to wear it with a white shirt underneath but that makes me look very washed out and the vest kind of blah. A black shirt underneath looks much, much better. And please tell your husband I say hello.

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