A seasonal dilemma for knit bloggers


The good news is that I am knitting again!  I had a two-month hiatus from knitting brought on by pain and swelling in my wrist and thumb – a flare-up of DeQuervaine’s tenosynovitis after many years.  I finally decided to start knitting again even though these issues aren’t entirely resolved.  I am being extra careful – not knitting for more than 30-40 minutes a day, skipping days, using ice, paying attention to how I hold my needles, etc.  (Reader, please beware of deceptive photos – it is unseasonably warm in the UK at the moment; this photo of me knitting in the snow is several years old.  However, it looks rather seasonal and jolly, so I’m going with it.)

The bad news is that I can’t tell you about anything I am knitting.  I had some rather glorious (and far-fetched) plans to knit some lovely Christmas gifts this year.  I had in fact started one when the wrist intervened.  I am now hopefully on track to finish it in time; we shall see.  It is a completely beautiful project and one that I have wanted to knit for many years.   Unfortunately, it must remain a secret (as it is a gift intended for someone who most definitely reads these posts), which gives me very little to report to you here.  This is a fairly common dilemma for knit bloggers – December is frequently a high-intensity-knitting month, but it also entails some degree of cloak-and-dagger.

Despite the fact that I have needles in hand once again, I can see that I will need to make some adjustments over the next few months.  I am primarily a sweater knitter; I tend to make big projects that take a long time.  (This is due not only to the types of projects I choose, but also to being a fairly slow knitter.)   I don’t make many smaller projects, not because I don’t like them but rather because I am so enamoured of sweaters that they tend to take over my queue.  I have decided, however, that until my hands get better, I will switch to smaller projects.  Otherwise I will never finish anything.  So prepare to see mitts, hats, and cowls.  (But probably not socks!  I think it will take more than a little hand pain to get me knitting socks!)

5 thoughts on “A seasonal dilemma for knit bloggers

  1. So glad you are knitting again! I am on a trend of fingerless mittens as my hands are often cold. I would love to see you show us some wonderful options in that category.

  2. Knitting small things are better than no knitting at all. Do to fibromyalgia I don’t knit any thing big (almost nothing) but it’s nice too be able to make something with yarn 😊

  3. I agree with the dilemma you describe of large projects overshadowing the smaller, fun projects, this happens to me. What I’ve done is create a folder of all the small items I never get round to and I’m prioritising them, as these ones have been kicking around for a few years. Every time I finish a big thing, I’m going to make a few small things!

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