Still not knitting – Halloween edition

It’s been a month since I’ve been able to knit becaue of pain in the wrist and thumb.  I finally went to the physiotherapist who confirmed the sad truth – it is a flare-up of DeQuervaine’s tenosynovitis.  I have posted before about my previous problems with DeQuervaine’s, my (unsuccessful) surgery and prolonged recovery (you can read about it here, for example).   With admonitions to continue to rest my hands, along with ice and ibuprofen, the physio taped up my wrist and arm:


Doesn’t this look particularly goulish?  But wait!  Today is Halloween!  I don’t have a costume!  But who needs a costume when you look like this?  Never let it be said that there is not a silver lining to every cloud.


That’s all the news chez knitigating circumstances.  I’m still not knitting.  But I’ve got Halloween all taped up!

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