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Thank you to all for the thoughtful comments on my last post.  I have not yet replied to them all, but I intend to.  I can see that I struck a chord with many of you, who like me, tend to be conflicted about the trend towards longer patterns.

I have been busy with non-knitting matters lately, but am still managing to participate in a test knit for Claudia Eisenkolb.  This is for a lovely linen tee-shirt with short sleeves and a pretty design feature at the neckline, which is called Sel Gris.  I still have to knit the sleeves, but have finished the body:


You may recall that when I first cast this on, I encountered some serious (and laughable) gauge issues:


I had to rip and start over again – I went down both a needle size and a pattern size (to a Medium).  This means that I now have about 4 inches of negative ease, which is not what I had intended. Nonetheless, I think I have managed a better fit this time around.  It errs a bit on the snug side, but I am hoping that a good block will give it more ease and drape.  The yarn, Shibui Linen, is not the easiest to work with, but I will wait until after I’ve blocked and worn it a few times to make any firm judgements.  It does have a very rich hue, and makes a quite lovely, sheer fabric.


This is my first time doing a test knit.  I am very impressed with the thoughtfulness and professionalism of both test knitters and designer; it is a very collaborative process.  I am also left with a feeling that the other testers are all considerably faster than I am.  The deadline for this is September 15, and I think that I shall make it (just), but most of the other testers whipped theirs out in days.


Enjoy your Sunday!

9 thoughts on “A better fit

  1. Lovely sweater! Other test knitters may be faster; but, if I were a designer, I’d want you on my test team even if I had to extend the deadline! Your attention to detail and fit can’t be matched! Nice work.

  2. I love this top and would really like to have one-may have to take up knitting again tho don’t know if my hands would like it lol

  3. I’ve noticed how many people on Ravelry whip out their projects in days! I wonder how much it is because of knitting speed and how much because of knitting time. A question for a next blog post?
    And your top looks already very nice without sleeves!

  4. The fit looks good and the color is great! 🙂
    I think that linen grows in different ways than cotton or wool, so after wearing it a few times, it might get just the right ease.

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