Seaming a sweater is like riding a bicycle

Last night I finished knitting the fourth and final piece of my latest sweater.  I was itching to start seaming it right away, but knew better than to try to seam at night.  “I’ll wait until morning,” I told Doug, “when I can see what I’m doing.”

Today is a holiday: I have no work and no obligations.  I woke up late, poured myself a coffee, and sat down at the table to seam my sweater.


When I started out knitting, all of my sweaters were knit in piecework and seamed. It wasn’t until about ten years ago that I knit a sweater in one piece.  Of the last ten sweaters I have knit, however, nine have been seamless!  But seaming a sweater is like riding a bicycle, no?

Apparently not:


Behold my first seam.  I have sewn the back of one piece to the front of the other!  Perhaps I should have just seamed this in the dark; I couldn’t have done worse.

Doug says that I should keep it this way and call it a design feature.  Not a bad idea, but I think I’ll get back up on the bike and try again.  Stay tuned for developments.

6 thoughts on “Seaming a sweater is like riding a bicycle

  1. and I am in the process of knitting a seamless sweater and swearing the entire while! will blog about it when I’m finished and cannot wait to get back to my seamed projects.

  2. I LOATHE seaming knitwear! I have a beautiful cardigan that I finished weeks ago but it is still in bits because I can’t face the seaming! I’m a novice knitter so any useful suggestions gratefully received. Happy knitting 🙂

  3. Guess we have all lovingly done that. Spent too much time sewing a perfect seam, only to discover it has been done wrong and then trying to unpick …. Not fun! My sympathies!!

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