Loft in the post

There are few things as cheering as yarn in the post.  Today, I received a package of Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn in three rustic shades of grey.


I am hours away from finishing my Lightweight Pullover.  Once it’s done, I will have only one – yes, just ONE – project in progress.  That one is the beautiful Exeter jacket which seems to be hibernating at the moment.  I love it, but I don’t feel like knitting it this winter, so I have put it away till next year.  As every knitter knows, it is an imperative to have a new project lined up before you finish with the old.  I simply cannot face the prospect of having no project on the needles. Therefore, I have been wracking my brain for weeks trying to come up with a new project or two.  I finally chose something.  Hence, the Loft:


This beautiful pile of soft, wooly yarn is destined to become this:

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

This pattern is called Escher, and is designed by Alexis Winslow for Brooklyn Tweed; it appeared in their Wool People volume 8.  I love its unusual, funky construction.  Here is a shot of the back:

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

It was a rather compulsive purchase.  I have been considering many other patterns over the past few months.  I have looked at this one a number of times without it ever standing up and shouting “Knit me!”  But a few days ago, I came upon it again and it hit all of the right buttons.  I was looking for a lightweight cardigan that would fit well with my wardrobe.  I didn’t want something too warm as it is unlikely I will finish it before spring.  I wanted something interesting and fun to knit but not overly complicated.  I love the way this is styled in the photographs.  It looks new, stylish, slightly architectural, modern, but still cozy.  I love the soothing greys and the soft wool.


I am so excited to have a new project ready to start!  Let’s just hope I have the fortitude to finish the turtleneck before I cast this on.

I will let you in on a secret: because one project is not enough, I have picked out another one too, which is as different from this one as day from night.  The yarn is being hand-dyed to order and won’t get to me for a while so you will have to be patient.

5 thoughts on “Loft in the post

  1. Ohhh, I love it when you bring out the copper pot! Beautiful yarn in timeless colours.

    No, one project is NEVER enough! (I don’t understand those types, such restraint…)!

    Can’t wait to see photos of your finished Lightweight. Likewise, be sure to let us know what’s on custom order. Curious minds need to know!

  2. I would love to hear from you how you liked BT Loft. I had just ordered the Escher pattern before I stumbled upon your blog. Is it worth the price and the shipping time?

    • I have beeen giving this question some thought and my opinion is: probably not. The Loft is very light but warm once washed and the colours are pretty. But I find it hard on my hands to knit with, and the very wool-y, felted texture of the finished project is extremely rustic. Rustic is OK, but if I am going to spend a lot for a special wool, I would rather it feel really special and not rustic. Also, it is a very old-fashioned kind of wool, and this pattern strikes me as very modern. I think if I were to knit it again I would use a hand-dyed (but not too variegated) wool with a tighter ply and a more polished look to it. I wish that I had knit my Carpino sweater using a different yarn. That said, I should point out that this yarn has wildly devoted fans. Hope this helps. Enjoy the knitting!

      • Thanks very much for your honest answer. Your answer helped me to decide. During my spring and summer knitting projects I will have enough time to think about some alternatives. I am a real Rowan fan. Or maybe you have some ideas. Anyway, thank you for answering me. Many greetings from the Netherlands.

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