A teaser

I am at the business school all weekend which means barely any time to knit or post.  I couldn’t resist, however, giving you a teaser of my next project.

4-IMG_9469This yarn is destined to be a sweater for Leah.  It is unbelievably lush.

1-IMG_9472The colours are gorgeous.  They sing.  They make me happy.

3-IMG_9479This is Madelinetosh DK in Composition Book Grey and Candlewick.

2-IMG_9477Enough eye candy!  Back to business…….

10 thoughts on “A teaser

  1. Oh pray tell, what is all that MadTosh gorgeousness going to be?

    I’m ::this close:: to frogging my Boxy. Hoping that third time around will be a charm for my Comp Book Gray. I’m heading towards Val Love’s Featherweight, or an Amiga, both with tons of mods to get the most out of my 4 skeins.

    I am positive you’re going to LOVE knitting with these 2 colours! Beautiful choice!

  2. I would not have thought to pair the purple-leaning CBG with the mustardy candlewick, but they look glorious together. I am really eager to see what they become!

    • You are right, Yelena, it’s not an obvious pairing. To make matters worse, I bought them on-line, so I was really taking a chance. I did, however, have a backup – I also ordered a skein of Cherry in case the Candlewick didn’t work. The Cherry is gorgeous and works amazingly well with the Comp Book Grey. Though I am fairly certain I will go with the Candlewick, I am still open-minded and will wait until I swatch before a final decision.

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