Not blogging in Sicily

I have not done much blogging lately.  Is it because I am busy studying for my exams?  No. I am in Sicily.

IMG_9072I am staying in a completely gorgeous villa.

IMG_9078The grounds are extensive and beautifully landscaped.

IMG_9092Flowers are blooming everywhere.

IMG_9076The weather is lovely.

IMG_9032It is peaceful.

IMG_9097Some knitting might have taken place.

IMG_9125Though we have been out and about, all of these photos are of the villa where we are staying.  Tell me, truthfully, if you were here would you be blogging?


7 thoughts on “Not blogging in Sicily

  1. What a lovely spot for a much-needed break with everything going on in your life. We can wait for blog updates! Enjoy!

  2. Wow! Beautiful place, love the dress too and of course the shawl! Not jealous….

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