Knitter’s eye candy

Today is a gorgeous sunny spring day; a bit nippy but the skies are very blue.  The perfect day to throw on a sweater and sit in the back garden knitting.  Having just finished my Carpino sweater, I was feeling a certain knitting freedom.  What to work on?  I started by taking out the half-finished Soumak Scarf Wrap, which had been sitting in the corner for a while like a naughty child.  Instead of knitting, however, I decided to spend some time weaving in some of the seemingly thousands of ends:

1-IMG_8688This is a portion of the edge of the shawl; on the right hand side the loose ends have been painstakingly woven in.  The little pile is of the cut-off ends.  I wove in 51 ends today.  Yes, I counted; I am obsessive that way. There are still quite a few loose ends to weave in (not to mention another 100cm of shawl to knit) but I feel a sense of accomplishment after spending some time on the task.

2-IMG_8690Alas for the Soumak Wrap, I was once again enticed by the lure of the NEW.  Yesterday afternoon, the postman had delivered yarn for a new project.  Who am I to resist?  WIthin an hour of ripping the package open, I had swatched and cast on.  As you can see, I have spent far too long today sitting in the sun knitting.  Hopefully my wrists won’t make me  sorry tomorrow.  And what, you may ask, is this new project?  That, dear readers, is the topic of a future post.  This post is merely for eye candy.

3-IMG_8692At some point, I got up to make a coffee, and in so doing tossed my new knitting at my feet, on top of the old knitting, and what should I see but this:

5-IMG_8695And this:

6-IMG_8698Oh my! Be still my heart!  For inquiring minds: the Soumak Scarf Wrap is designed by Lisa Richardson for Rowan 54 and is knit in 10 beautiful shades of Rowan Fine Tweed.  The new project is knit with Noro Silk Garden Sock in shade S356.  The fact that they have a very similar colour palette?  Totally serendipitous.

8-IMG_8696I had no intention of posting today, but having been dazzled with eye candy, it was impossible not to share.  Now I’m off to soak up the last of the sun and do some more knitting.  Or, maybe I will just sit and stare at it…..


6 thoughts on “Knitter’s eye candy

  1. Yum! A Noro project!

    Remember to leave all those snippets from your Soumak in the garden for the birds to build their nests with. I’m sure they would appreciate Rowan as much as we do! Hopefully you’re nearing completion.

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