“Holy Viva, Batman!”

My friend Lizz defended her PhD dissertation yesterday.  In the UK, the defense is called a viva (short for viva voce, ‘living voice’ or oral exam).  In honour of this milestone event, I knitted her a present:


Aren’t these mitts cool?  The pattern, called Fightin’ Words, is designed by Annie Watts.  You can find them here (along with lots of other cool designs) or on the Ravelry link here.  I first saw the pattern a few years ago and instantly decided that they were destined for Lizz when she finished her PhD.  As time passed, I had them continually in the back of my mind but always thought “Oh, I have lots of time to knit these up.”  Stupidly, even when she submitted the dissertation, I continued to procrastinate knowing that it can take awhile to schedule the actual exam.  And then, two weeks ago Lizz said to me “My viva has been scheduled; it’s two weeks from today!”  Eek!


Luckily, I had the perfect yarn sitting at home.  This is Quince & Co Chickadee in Carrie’s Yellow and Frank’s Plum.  I think they look awesome together!  Both colours really pop in this design.  (Forgive the early morning, just rolled out of bed shot; I finished knitting these mitts just in the nick of time.)

Can you think of a more perfect gift for a PhD defense? (Well, other than, perhaps, a job…or maybe a car…a holiday in Fiji…..)  Here is a photo of Lizz taken post-defense, with my phone, after we both had consumed some champagne:

1-20140318_163014How did your Viva go, Lizz?  Bam! Pow!  Slam dunk!

I absolutely recommend this great pattern.  They are so much fun to knit and look so cool!  Make sure you pick two high contrast colours, they really need to pop in order to carry the design.

I’ll be at b-school on the weekend and won’t post, but I have two more finished projects to show you; coming up soon!  Kapow!


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