Why I love my business school

Why do I love my business school?

1. The location.

This is my business school:

HBS1This is the Henley Business School which is located on a beautiful stretch of the River Thames near the historic town of Henley-on-Thames.  Can you imagine a more fantastic setting?  The grounds are gorgeous, the river is peaceful, and despite the gracious old mansion it is housed in, the facilities are modern.  I love this place!

2. The content.

I’m not sure I actually expected to like the course content.  I am enrolled in the Executive MBA degree course, and I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that the classes are fascinating.  (Management?  Fascinating?  I kid you not.)

3. The people.

I am so enjoying my cohort at the business school, which consists of 40 fun and  interesting people.  We represent a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, languages, industries, career paths, perspectives, goals, life stages, and interests.  It is so refreshing and intellectually stimulating to be here and to interact with this group of people.

4. The sheep.


Yes, I said sheep.  Please recall that this is, after all, a blog about knitting, and I am something of a knitting fanatic.  Imagine how great it is to drive up the long driveway at the business school through a flock of sheep!

Imagine: beautiful business school, exciting content, super cool people, and SHEEP!  Clearly this place was made for me.

3 thoughts on “Why I love my business school

  1. What an idyllic campus! My college shared McGill University’s Agricultural Faculty campus, and there were cows and all sorts of barnyard animals all around. The campus also features one of the most beautiful arboretums I have ever seen, and is on the waterfront to boot.

    It makes me long for school…NOT! (Unless it involves sheep-shearing and yarn spinning).

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – kudos to you for returning for another degree, especially while working full time. You have my full respect.

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