The well-dressed tortoise

Today’s episode of Surfing the Knit brings you the tortoise suit:

Solent News & Photo AgencyYes, this is a photo of a tortoise in a chicken suit.  Today, the Guardian had an “in pictures” segment called “Wooly suits for tortoises“, tag-lined “Keen knitter, Katie Bradley from Vancouver, Canada makes woolly suits for pet tortoises”.  (We shall politely ignore the fact that these suits are crocheted, not knitted.)  There is no text, only fourteen photos each showing the above fearless tortoise posing in a different outfit.  The outfits range from the odd (a reindeer costume):

Solent News & Photo Agencyto the disturbing (a cheeseburger costume):

Solent News & Photo AgencyThe photos are credited to the Solent News & Photo Agency.

A quick internet search shows that Ms. Bradley not only crochets costumes for tortoises (which she sells on Etsy) but rescues them as well.  You never know what you will come up with when Surfing the Knit.

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