Neon lights

IMG_7157This will be a post with lots of photos and few words.  The entire crew here at Knitigating Circumstances has been felled by the flu all week, so words are not flowing freely.  Despite this, however, I have managed to do all of the finishing on my Neon cardigan.  The verdict: this is one fabulous knit!

IMG_7208IMG_7154The pattern, by Joji Locatelli, is really well-written and comprehensive.  I have made few modifications:  I knit the sleeves flat, added one set of hip increases (could have made more), and put in 12 buttons instead of 8.

IMG_7203IMG_7136Despite having made some really stupid (and fairly comical) wrong turns while knitting this (documented on these pages), this project turned out great.  I really think it is the perfect summer cardigan.

IMG_7141IMG_7147This was my first time using Plucky yarn and I can’t say enough good words about it.  I really like the feel of it – it has bounce and loft, but mostly I am crazy about this colour – Kissin’ Valentino.  I definitely see some more Plucky in my future.

IMG_7190Until the last minute I didn’t think it would fit.  In a postscript to my last post, describing my hilarious attempts to block this, I ended up re-blocking the whole thing.  This did the trick.  I won’t take it off until October!


24 thoughts on “Neon lights

  1. Nice! It looks great on you- the fit, style, color… Definitely a cardigan that will get a lot of wear.

  2. Your cardigan is absolutely beautiful and I’m heading off to search for the pattern straight away. I also have to agree with Mary Lou, your shoes are awesome.

    • Thank you. Every time I wear these shoes to the office one of the women I work with says to me “You know what they say about girls who wear red shoes….” Actually, I don’t but I think it’s rather funny.

  3. It is positively gorgeous! I always marvel how your sweaters fit you so perfectly. Love the buttons, too!

    And red is the new neutral. Well played!

    And since today is July 1, wish Doug a happy Canada Day from a fellow Canuck!

    • I wrote a nice reply to you, which just got lost in the ether; so, I will try again! Thanks for the Canada Day greetings, Anne. And I have to admit that I didn’t think this was going to fit at all, until after the (second) block. The fact that this fits so well is, I’m afraid, due more to luck than to skill….

  4. The good thing about blocking is that you can always do it again 🙂
    I’m moving into my own home (I bought a house!!!) and one of the first things I’ll be doing is blocking a huge circular shawl that I finished knitting three years ago. Yippee!
    Your cardigan looks gorgeous and so do you (despite flu). Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. Love your blog! Just found it thru Ravelry when looking at Rowan softknit cotton projects. Laughed when I read your post on blocking holiday knitting. Why do holiday knitting projects create so much stress? I always now block knitted pieces before finishing and find the garment looks better when I do. Your projects are fabulous and those shoes …. What can I say? …. Love love love them!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for talking the time to comment. I don’t know why we tie ourselves up in knots for a holiday project. I never stress so much about what else goes in the suitcase. Oh well! My holiday managed to squeeze all of the stress out of me, I’m glad to say. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

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