Apologies to Dr. Seuss


This holiday I over-ate.
I drank too much. I gained some weight.
The bread! The cheese! The wine! The cake!
Have left me with a stomach ache!
I did not walk.  I did not run.
But I got lots of knitting done.
I cannot make it up the stairs.
I cannot zip up my new flares.
I’ll have to stay here on the couch.
I’m stuck in this god-awful slouch.
For I have knit too much, you see.
Knit purl knit purl… it’s time for tea.

14 thoughts on “Apologies to Dr. Seuss

  1. I identify with that scenario, sadly…I’m trying hard to get back on track, but the January doldrums have me firmly in their grip. Time to have another cuppa and pick up my Rams and Yowes!

      • I know, isn’t the coat just the cutest thing? I’m running out of two colours for the back side of the blanket, so I’ve put it down until I decide what I’m going to do…spring $20 for a ball of white (I made a substitution for the other missing colour), or wing it. Right now, I’m tending towards winging it because I want to see this project DONE. I’ve got 16 rows left to knit. So frustrating, but knitting on my Rowan Madison is nearly making up for it. I hope to have an update soon!

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