The home stretch


My plan for today was to post photos of the completed Medieval Gems sweater for Leah – finished, blocked, and modelled.  I wrote about the design process for this pullover here; it is based on Anglo-Saxon jewellery for my medieval-history obsessed daughter.

Unfortunately, my fingers are behind target.  As you can see, I am almost done knitting, in the home stretch in fact:


Leah wants to wear it on Friday (her 18th birthday) so I better get a move on. Especially since it most definitely needs to be wet blocked.  With any luck, I can bring you modelled shots next weekend.

It is very windy here today (and cold!) so it was hard to take these photos.  Every time I laid the sweater out and stepped out of the way, the wind would grab ahold of it:


and blow it away:


Doug and Leah are busy baking Christmas cookies, and I plan to sit by the fire, listen to the wind blowing outside, and hopefully finish knitting this sweater.

2 thoughts on “The home stretch

    • Hi Susan, I finished the sweater in the wee hours of the morning. Leah wants to wear it on her birthday Friday which means I had to get it blocked before I went to bed last night (Wednesday) or it would never dry in time. I started blocking it at 1am; I think I must get mom points for this. And yes, the darts are a really good feature which I am hoping the blocking brings out even more. We shall see. The Tosh DK is in the colourway Venetian.

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