Packing – the important bits

In a few hours, I will get on a plane with my family and fly across an ocean and a continent to Vancouver.  Am I packed and organized?

Well, my knitting is.  The photo above shows my holiday knitting supplies.  It wouldn’t do to run out of knitting on one’s holiday would it?  Especially when one is going to Vancouver where there is a huge yarn shop to general population ratio.

Time spent packing clothes and other such stuff:   None

Time spent packing knitting supplies:  Lots

Why are we off to Vancouver?  To visit Doug’s lovely family (yeah!), to celebrate Doug’s 60th birthday with family and dear friends (yeah!), and to deposit Emma (and Emma’s stuff) in her dorm room at the University of British Columbia where she will be a student for the next four years (boo! yeah! boo! yeah! boo!)  Can you tell that I am a bit conflicted here?

But at least I’ve got the packing done – the important bits, that is.

9 thoughts on “Packing – the important bits

  1. Good comment Romi. I really like the green yarn with the flecks in it. Kelly- don’t be jealous but I just saw that the New England Fiber Festival is my birthday weekend at the Big E (10 minutes away). I think the yarns may be a bit “above” me but a few friends and I may go walk around.
    Have a great trip to Vancover. Are all of you going? And good luck to Emma.

  2. I agree–it’s always the hardest part of packing for me!

    Really excited to see what your Copperline STR looks like knit up. I have some in heavyweight I’m debating what to do with (thinking maybe Middlefield or Tea Leaves from Melissa LaBarre?) Seeing yours definitely helps!

  3. I had to giggle – saw me in that post – the last time I went travelling, half my car trunk was knitting, and I still hyperventilated about what I was leaving behind… Bet you’ll end up in a yarn store over there anyway. 😉

    • Oh, I get that. I once forgot a measuring tape while on holiday and knit an entire cardigan that didn’t fit. I always aim to be more frugal with my packing but it never works. I haven’t made it to a yarn shop yet; having a daughter starting university will put a crimp in my yarn budget, and I’m trying hard to be good.

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