If the sun ever does comes out, I’ll be ready

England continues to be in the throes of a non-summer; endless days of cold and rain and grey.  I am still wearing a coat to work, making hot soups for dinner, and soaking in a steamy hot tub in the evenings.   I have not worn my sunglasses since leaving Arizona and have forgotten what sandals are. But, if the sun ever does come out, I’ll be ready:

Yes, I have finished knitting Laresca.  (Finally, a finished project!)  And, if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty good.  I complained in an earlier post that I wasn’t really liking this one; both because I had regrets about the colour and because I didn’t think it’s loose, swingy style was really me.  One of my readers (hi, Lou!) pointed out that perhaps I should be applying my own Wearability Wednesday criteria before knitting it, and not investing the energy to finish something I ultimately wouldn’t find wearable.  Well, in a sense I think that is what I did, because in fact my Laresca doesn’t quite look like the original (which I will repeat here again, just for comparison’s sake).

I love this photo, with its long, loose, flowing lines, and I might aspire to wear this look, but it really isn’t me.  On the other hand, my Laresca, a much more fitted garment, paired with a short snakeskin print skirt, suits me rather well.  My top is more fitted for two reasons: first, because I knit it with 4 inches of negative ease instead of the called-for positive ease (a big difference), and second, because I somehow, inadvertently, accidentally ended up with 12 fewer stitches across the back after doing the arm decreases, thus making it even more fitted.  Was I aware that I was decreasing the hell out of it?  Consciously, no.  But, unconsciously, I was clearly going for a different kind of sweater in my head than on the paper.  My hands knew what they were doing.

And as far as the colour goes, it was only after I finished knitting it that I realized that it went perfectly with this beautiful skirt and matching snakeskin heels that I bought months ago (from Hobbs) in anticipation of the summer-that-isn’t.  It’s almost as if I had a grand plan, all along.

So, I’ve got my linen and silk thing going here.  I’ve got a bit of lace.  I’ve got a cute short skirt.  Go ahead, sun, do your worst!  I’m ready for you!

8 thoughts on “If the sun ever does comes out, I’ll be ready

  1. Kelly,
    This came out very nice. I, too, like it more fitted. May you have many warm occasions to wear it this summer (this is our 2nd day of temps in the high 90s). Happy summer.

  2. Kudos, Kelly. Your Laresca is beautifully executed and lovely on you. Both your planned and unplanned mods turned a design that might be perfect-as-written for someone else into a unique piece custom-tailored to suit you, your style and your Wearability criteria. What could be better? (Thanks for the shout-out.)

  3. I think it is gorgeous, both the fitted and unfitted version. If you are ever in the mood to make it again, the unfitted one suits me perfectly! Then next time we are together we can do a family shoot, two sisters, two versions of the same sweater! I will supply the background flowers for the photo shoot!

    Wishing for you a warm day or two so you can enjoy your sweater!

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