“Holy distraction, Batman!”

I am trying very hard to power through the Brick pullover.  There is a lot of knitting involved.  It is not easy to maintain knitting monogamy.  Then, on Monday, a package arrived on my doorstep.

This book, Contemporary Irish Knits by Carol Feller, focuses on wools produced in Irish mills and has patterns for lovely Aran sweaters that manage to be both traditional and modern.  I particularly like this one, which she calls Killybegs:

Killybegs is made with a traditional honeycomb cable stitch in a very unique and interesting construction.  But what really grabbed me was the wool.  What a beautiful green!   And those flecks of brilliant colour!  I love it.

On Wednesday, a package arrived on my doorstep:

Fancy that!  Beautiful Donegal Tweed wool, direct from Ireland.  In grass green.  Enough to make a Killybegs cardigan.  Serendipity, surely?

On Thursday, a package arrived on my doorstep:

Yarn from the Plucky Knitter!  I pre-ordered this back in November.  The Plucky Knitter is owned by Indie yarn dyer Sarah Dimond.  Sarah, and her yarn, have a fanatical following.  I have never before used any Plucky yarn, but its devotees are many and loyal.  Sarah is especially known for her colour sense; the colours are beautiful and richly saturated, but it is also her way of combining them in unique and interesting colourways that make her stand out.  This yarn is part of a kit, a collaboration with designer Veera Välimäki, for a new shawl design, called Colour Affection:

Oh dear!  What should I do?

Plod along on Brick?

Cast on new yarn?


New Yarn?


Holy distraction, Batman!

7 thoughts on ““Holy distraction, Batman!”

  1. I’m not the one who should be answering this question. I have sooo many WIPs. Personally, I would cast on one of the new yarns. Thinking about it…. I would cast on both of the new yarns. Enjoy!

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