We interrupt this programme

We interrupt this programme for a special news bulletin.

I interrupted the Peerie Flooers hat to start knitting the Brick pullover.  And then I interrupted the Brick to knit a cowl.  Why?  Because I slavishly follow trends and everyone is knitting and/or wearing a cowl?  Because it is bound to get cold anyday now?  Because Christmas is fast approaching?  Or maybe just because Malabrigo yarn is so cozy I couldn’t resist?

Two years ago I bought a sweater’s worth of Malabrigo in this luscious variegated green.  After I bought it, I came to a realization.  I love the way variegated yarn looks on the skein, but I am not a big fan of sweaters knit with them.  So, the wool has been packed away in a bag waiting for a project.  This cowl is knit with two strands held together, and is knit in seed stitch.  Both of these tend to mitigate the pooling effect of the yarn.

A note for my North American viewers:  Yes, I do know how to spell.  Despite being North American, I live in England now, and write for a living.  My brain doesn’t like switching back and forth between British and American spelling conventions.  So I have reluctantly conformed (except for the ‘z’ in realization).

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  1. Dawn,

    I didn’t get your email but wanted you to know how great it was to meet you et al. It made the canceled flight bearable. Best,

  2. Lovely! I also have about 5 hanks’ worth of Malabrigo in colour “Pearl” which pooled like mad! I started a cardigan with it, and frogged when I realized the two fronts were completely different colours LOL! I have been looking for a great project to re-purpose this wool, and I think I have just found it! Did you cast-on the requisite number of stitches according to the pattern?

    • Hi. Thank you for your comments and sorry for the delay in responding; I have been out of the country on a trip and off line for a week. I think this would be a great way to use up some of your Malabrigo. I really like the colour Pearl too; it should look pretty knit up this way. I cast on 131 just as called for in the pattern, but did go down a needle size.

      • Thanks so much for your quick reply – no delay at all – considering the time difference, you were right on it! Hope you had a nice trip! I am putting this in my queue, it’ll do for some nice mindless knitting over the holidays! I love Malabrigo’s Pearl colour, but was really disappointed by the variations from one skein to the other. Knitting two strands together should help even things out. It is luscious wool, though. Regards, Ann

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