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I realised this week that I have 100 finished projects recorded on Ravelry.  If you look at my Ravelry project page, it says I have 119 projects – however, this number includes WIPs, frogged projects, and so-called “hibernating” projects.  Thus, I didn’t notice right away that my Sayer tank was the 100th FO (finished object).  I have, of course, knitted many more than that in the 50 years that I have been knitting; however, since my Ravelry account was started in December 2007 (I was Raveler #51878), I have recorded 100 finished projects.


Since this was a lovely autumn day, I gathered up all of the hand-knitted projects I had in the house (those I had knitted myself) and piled them up outside for some photos.  Here I am covered from head to toe in hand-knitted items:


Given my general tendency towards nerdiness, this realisation – of reaching 100 FOs – immediately caused me to collect data on my projects.  (This task also prevented me from engaging in other tasks, like house cleaning.)  Of the 100 projects, 49 are sweaters!  The distribution by project type is as follows:

  • 49 Sweaters
  • 15 Cowls
  • 14 Mitts
  •  7 Shawls
  •  4 Hats
  •  4 Skirts
  •  2 Scarfs
  •  2 Shrugs
  •  1 Pillow
  •  1 Poncho
  •  1 Dress

Obviously, I am a sweater kind of girl; these are by far my favorite projects.  Of the sweaters, 31 are pullovers and 18 are cardigans.  Most of them are for me: 30 are for me, 6 for Emma, 8 for Leah, 2 for Doug, and 3 for babies.  (Yes, I am a selfish knitter!) That said, most of the mitts, cowls, skirts, and other things were gifted.


Of the 100 projects, 16 are either my designs or things I just fooled around with and came up with on my own (but aren’t really “designs”).  Of the other 84 projects, there are only a few repeat designers, which follow:

  • 5 projects designed by Kim Hargreaves
  • 3 projects designed by Carol Feller
  • 2 projects designed by each of:
    • Wendy Bernard
    • Lily M. Chin
    • Kate Davies
    • Hanne Falkenberg
    • Ashley Adams Moncrief
    • Alexis Winslow

The remaining 64 projects were designed by 64 different designers.  I think that makes me pretty inclusive!


My favorite garments: my Ormolu (blogged here), Doug’s Brick (blogged here and here), Emma’s Audrey (blogged here) and Leah’s Peloponnese (blogged here).  The most fun thing to knit: The Tolkien-inspired giant pillow I knit for Leah (blogged here).  The knitted garment that has been worn the most: Emma’s Carnaby skirt (blogged here).  And my favorite accessory: my own Cool Boots Shawl (blogged here).

In the 100, there are only 3 items which I have knit twice.  These are my Wedgewood Mitts (blogged here and here, and knitted with elephants too), Kim Hargreaves’ Audrey (blogged here and here) and Lily M. Chin’s Cabled-Rib Shawl (blogged here and here).

I like this photo where you can just see my boots peeking out from under the great pile of knits:


That’s enough nerdiness for today!  Seeing how few hats I’ve knit, I’m off to cast one on!

34 thoughts on “100 on Ravelry

    • Thank you, Judith. I frequently end up being envious of other knitters, because I feel as if I knit very little and very slowly, especially since taking on a big role at work. (These 100 projects were knit over 10 years, remember.) The post was more an excuse to collect some data and take fun photos, than to mark a milestone. But seeing all of the knitwear piled up – yeah, I’m a bit proud.

  1. 100 is such an achievement, well done. Your stats are really interesting too. I like to do an annual round up of what I’ve made through the year and it’s surprising how many items I forget I’ve made – that’s why blogging is so good.

  2. I loved your post. The photos of you covered in knitted garments are priceless. I also appear to be a “selfish knitter”. But only because my daughter won’t wear the things I have made for her!

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